“Britain and the labeling of Nigeria as ‘fantastically corrupt’” Pambazuka News 12.05.2016

In his latest article WE-Africa collaborator, Associate Professor of Political Science and director of  the Centre for Conflict and Gender Studies, at the University of Port Harcourt (Choba, Nigeria) Fidelis Allen explores the sentiments behind British Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion that Nigeria is a “fantastically corrupt” country. “Isn’t it Continue Reading

Call for participants to join WE-Africa

  WE-Africa is an alliance of likeminded scholars and practitioners who share a common concern about the current socio-economic conditions in which we live and are willing to work together to promote a transition to a wellbeing-based economy for Africa. It is an action-research network, which aims to consolidate evidence for change while Continue Reading

Book: “South Africa’s Agrarian question”

South Africa’s Agrarian Question, by Hubert Cochet, Ward Anseeuw and Sandrine Fréguin-Gresh, to be published by HSRC Press this month: Based on an in-depth analysis of several contrasting agricultural regions, this book aims to assess South Africa’s ongoing agrarian reform and the country’s agrarian dynamics. The conclusion is without doubt: Continue Reading