Justine Braby & Reinhold Mangundu

What is citizen science you say? It is a wonderful concept that has been gaining popularity in recent years which is basically the collection of data by members of the public, usually in collaboration with professional scientists. Atlasing is one of the most common methods, which includes people contributing to sightings of various animals in various locations. It started off with birds, and in Southern Africa, bird atlasing has become very popular.

Namibia has jumped on this bandwagon and Namibians can now, when they go on their trips around Namibia, enter their sightings in the system so that it can be collected and analysed and used for continued conservation efforts. The initiative can help build Namibia’s atlas for mammals, amphibians, reptiles, alien plants, and more!

Thanks to the Namibia Chamber of Environment, and Jaro Consultancy who has been working to build the system, in liaison with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibians can all contribute. And its very easy, citizens can download the App for it and thus link in what they see in real time.

It comes with their own profile and can thus, track their own records. For any records from past sightings, people will have to visit the website and log-in there. Both the app download and the actual website sign up can be found here http://www.the-eis.com/atlas/. So, next time they cruise on the roads of the beautiful country, or even take a stroll in their own towns, they are able to share what they see by atlasing with the rest of us!