Reinhold Mangunud and Justine Braby

Last week, the Wellbeing Economy Festival brought together various academics, experts, and leaders in an exciting three days of interactive talks focusing on building wellbeing economies in Africa. The festivities kicked off in Pretoria, South Africa on 27 November until 29 November 2017.The anticipated speakers unpacked various interesting discussion topics including: inequality to wellbeing for all, how to build a wellbeing economy, and more.

Here are some of the highlights:

Preliminary meetings for the Wellbeing Economy Festival were underway in the morning of the 29th.


Evening discussions saw panelists interacting and debating with the audience.


Talks by various WE-African academics and experts led to a successful Festival. Unpacking the common concern over Ridiculous economic growth and bringing together knowledge on the transition towards a Wellbeing Economy.  Today the real job begins for WE-Africans: change development policies and build a global movement.