“Britain and the labeling of Nigeria as ‘fantastically corrupt’” Pambazuka News 12.05.2016

In his latest article WE-Africa collaborator, Associate Professor of Political Science and director of  the Centre for Conflict and Gender Studies, at the University of Port Harcourt (Choba, Nigeria) Fidelis Allen explores the sentiments behind British Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion that Nigeria is a “fantastically corrupt” country. “Isn’t it Continue Reading

‘Colonial legacy of mining pioneers poses a dilemma for South Africans’, The Conversation, 25.01.2016

'Colonial legacy of mining pioneers poses a dilemma for South Africans', The Conversation, 25.01.2016

In an article for The Conversation, GovInn Senior Researcher Prince Mashele discusses the linkages of the colonial exploitation of mineral resources and the changes it brought to South Africa, both for infrastructure and divided race relations. The Randlords left behind them a big dilemma: contemporary South Africa is not sure whether to thank them Continue Reading