UN Millennium Development Goals Replaced by New ‘Distraction Gimmicks’ , TeleSurTV, 25.09.2015

UN Millennium Development Goals Replaced by New 'Distraction Gimmicks'

The annual UN heads-of-state summits reconfirms inappropriate targets, processes and evaluation systems. The ubiquitous ‘development goals’ chosen by the United Nations – first Millennium (MDGs) in 2000 and now Sustainable (SDGs) – were and are and will be a distraction from the real work of fighting poverty done by social Continue Reading

Say goodbye to capitalism: Welcome to the Republic of Wellbeing, The Guardian 02.09.2015

Lorenzo Fioramonti and his colleagues in the Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity have co-authored an article for The Guardian on their vision of a global governance transformation that will create governments committed to pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals of the post 2015 agenda.   Authored by: Lorenzo Fioramonti, Enrico Giovannini, Robert Continue Reading

Oil Rents, Policy and Social Development: Lessons from the Ghana Controversy

United Nations Ressearch Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) Article by Franklin Obeng-Odoom Summary This paper shows that the Ghanaian state expends its resources on four priority areas: loan financing, agricultural modernization, capacity building, and road construction and maintenance. It argues that the emphasis on “roads for prosperity” reflects a strong commitment Continue Reading