Call for participants to join WE-Africa

  WE-Africa is an alliance of likeminded scholars and practitioners who share a common concern about the current socio-economic conditions in which we live and are willing to work together to promote a transition to a wellbeing-based economy for Africa. It is an action-research network, which aims to consolidate evidence for change while Continue Reading

Growth without wellbeing brings no lasting progress, Business Day 06.10.2015

Growth without wellbeing brings no lasting progress

by Lorenzo Fioramonti THE world economic outlook is pretty grim. Not only have we not come out of the 2008 crisis, but the deceleration of the Chinese “powerhouse” is now threatening to sink the global economy into a prolonged double-dip recession that may last for decades. The Chinese debacle, just Continue Reading

‘Wellbeing economy’ is key to Africa’s growth and progress’ Business Day 27.05.15

‘Wellbeing economy’ is key to Africa’s growth and progress

In this article for Business Day, Lorenzo Fioramonti, GovInn Director and WE-Africa founder, explains why and how WE-Africa was born. THE Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) come to an end this year. Introduced in 2000, the MDGs have provided a shaky roadmap for international development, as the world experiences rising inequality Continue Reading