Lorenzo Fioramonti

“We create wealth every day when we restore our ecosystems, invest in our communities, educate our children and spend time together strengthening social bonds. When we grow or cook our own food, produce our own energy and share our knowledge and expertise free of charge, we build the pillars of our economies. Poverty is not about limited cash, but it is about unfulfilled capabilities and isolation from other fellow humans and the natural systems that make our lives worthwhile.”

Wellbeing & GDP

01/03/2016 // 0 Comments

Wellbeing & GDP
The presentation was given by Lorenzo Fioramonti on 2 March 2016, in Totnes, [...]

VIDEO: The short life of Mr GDP

06/01/2016 // 0 Comments

Lorenzo Fioramonti speaking in Austria about political alternatives to a GDP-focused world
Watch GovInn Director Lorenzo Fioramonti speak at the annual Wisdom Stockholm Conference in October 2015. You can find more videos relating to the event held in [...]
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